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Commercial Brand Kabuto Sushi

Our vision is to establish a network of consolidated franchises, incorporating business partners with an entrepreneurial spirit and social commitment, ready to put into practice the concepts of service and quality to jointly achieve business success.

We want to be a Japanese food restaurant with service and attention of a higher category, leader in innovation, fusion and presentation of dishes and drinks, achieving it through teamwork with proper planning and organization, which responds to any consumer challenge and the competition.

In this sense, our mission is to maintain the quality of our products and continuously improve our services, thus exceeding the expectations and needs of our customers.

We work with the mission of being recognized as an original restaurant, solid, professional, with human quality and ethical principles, which offers excellent Japanese food, capable of developing in each of our employees their creativity capacities.

Kabuto, is the result of the commitment and trust of Venezuelan entrepreneurs who believe in our country and its infinite possibilities of development, the menu has fusion food dishes among which we can offer tasting dishes which are the combination of a top of the line cold roles and tempura rolls with top of dynamite and eel sauce.

Distributor FACAVEN C.A

Import, export, marketing and distribution of all types of food, for human consumption, canned, packaged, raw and/or processed and others. Sea and river products, fresh, salted, canned and frozen from the national and international market.

The object pursued is to be able to acquire products that are not produced in the country and are produced in other countries, allowing us offer to the population a varied range of products and competitive prices.


It is listed as one of the most nutritious foods in the world, it is rich in proteins and essential fatty acids. It is an excellent source of B12 and B6 vitamins, proteins, essential fatty acids, minerals such as selenium or magnesium, and is also rich in calcium.
The presentation of the salmon comes in frozen of 4-5 kg, packed with boxes of 5 to 6 units.
It is considered the queen of white fish for its high nutrition values; Hake meat is an ideal food for children, elderly people or nutrition problems because it is easy to digest, due to its low bad fat content and a high content of proteins, vitamins, minerals and good acid fat Omega -3 so it prevents a great number of diseases.
Hake comes in two presentations: bulk filet and frozen whole, packaged in bags of 7kg and boxes of 3 bags for a total weight of 21 kg.
They are marine decapods or freshwater crustaceans, commonly known as shrimps or shears.
It comes in bags of 20 kg (shrimps includes shelss)
Ideal as raw material in mixed seafood meals and marine pans, for sushi restaurants. Product with a high percentage of fish, which gives it an incomparable flavor compared to other Kanikamas.
The presentation is in Packs of 500 grs. Bulk box of 10 kgs.
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