Construction Sector

Grupo Bamaca was born from the business initiative and desire for personal and professional growth of its two main founding partners, which from its origins had as its fundamental goal to exceed all the demands of our customers and be along with nationally recognized construction companies, this has been our standard and what allowed us to enter as contractors keeping up to date. Later, we carried out housing developments for multifamily housing with the formwork system. We have the development of public works such as: construction and remodeling of the Cemetery Boulevard, Antimano and Casco Central among others.

The company continues in its process of growth and development, dedicated to the field of Construction, Design and Consulting; technical and cleaning maintenance, having an excellent reference in the market for the diversity and quality of services; as well as the expansion of its clients, which has allowed us to position ourselves and grow in a very important way.


Its general goal is the construction of civil engineering works, architectural activities and all those related work and professional technical advice in the fields of civil engineering, electrical and electronic repair and maintenance, preventive and technical maintenance, , cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners, sale of materials and other activities related to our services; We offer our services to public and/or private companies and individuals, always framed within a quality policy in the execution of the works, responsibility, social commitment and progress for the community and a sustainable human development based on the common good.


Advising and Technical Assistance in the Civil Engineering Area

We have a multidisciplinary team of collaborators, made up of architects and engineers who assist us in the operational and commercial areas, to give integral solutions, efficiency and the attention that the works need, providing the indispensable elements to carry them out through our consultancies and assistance.

Formulation and evaluation of projects

We offer planning, research, and any additional study and information related to the design of the projects. Verifying that there is financial, technical and sustainable viability.

Sale and Distribution of Materials

We offer the sale of products for construction, materials for electricity, blacksmith materials, equipment, light and heavy machinery, national and imported stones and much more.

Maintenance Technical Service

We offer comprehensive specialized services in specific areas such as: Refrigeration, air conditioners, plumbing, stonework, electricity and carpentry, providing ideas, solutions and technical support from the beginning of each project, to guide you to obtain the best results.

Execution and Supervision of Work

We develop and intervene in the execution of high altitude works. Office buildings and single- family and collective housing. Works of public roads among others.

Our Works

  • Moltanbán - Caracas (Start)
  • Moltanbán - Caracas (Preview)
  • Moltanbán - Caracas (Final)
  • San Juan - Caracas (Start)
  • San Juan - Caracas (Preview)
  • San Juan - Caracas (Final)
  • Boulevar el cementerio - Caracas (Start)
  • Boulevar el cementerio - Caracas (Preview)
  • Boulevar el cementerio - Caracas (Final)
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