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Grupo Bamaca Limited is born as an initiative, with ideals of cooperation and synergy among the companies involved, considering two major sectors of the economy for the development, sustainability and contribution to the global economy. The first being the construction sector, where integral solutions are offered, in terms of execution and supervision of construction, design and evaluation of projects, sale and distribution of construction materials, preventive and corrective maintenance, technical assistance and advice on civil engineering, and second but no less important, the food sector, promoted through the import and distribution of perishable and non-perishable food, frozen, dehydrated, canned or packaged, for human or animal consumption and development of franchising through the establishment of our own brand.

In Bamaca, we have experience in business success as a part of our portfolio, we deeply believe in the human being and the development of their abilities through training, experience, perseverance and discipline, for this reason we give value to our shareholders, buildingrelationships of respect and trust, seeding values so that these are a reflection of the quality work offered to our clients and the benefits to our human talent.

We are committed to adding people with strong will to strengthen our economy, in order to provide security to our collaborators and to add to the development of the countries where we live.


To provide value to our shareholders and customers through the provision of engineering services, materials supplies, construction, operation and administration of industrial and energy infrastructure projects, as well as, in the areas of import and distribution of food. Assuming risks, honoring our commitments to the excellence of our services, the trust of our customers and suppliers, and the quality of the companies of the group.


To be a leading company with our work method, technological heritage and human talent capabilities, supporting the ability to know and customize the high quality goods and services we offer, aimed at satisfying the needs of our customers, suppliers and allies.



The Honesty is fundamental in our organization, we act according to values of truth and justice.


We focus on following quality standards that allow us to offer to our internal and external clients, goods and services adapted to their needs and expectations.


Honorable and trusty relationships with our shareholders, suppliers and customers is the norm and part of our organizational culture, we understand that it is the basis of a more just society.


We promote the safety and integrity of those who are part of our team, we believe, and we are willing to work hard for the development of a better country and the conservation of the environment.


Synergy defines us, we value and develop human talent, and we train and commit ourselves to develop knowledge as the basis for personal and professional improvement of the individual to achieve personal and organizational goals.


Local roots and respect for cultural diversity within the framework of a global vision of business.

Board of Directors

Ing. Carlos Marrón de B

Email: cmarron@grupobamaca.com

Ing. José Fabian Zanella C

Email: jzanella@grupobamaca.com

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